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Wouldn't it be great if all of your clients' estate information, goals and objectives were available online? GiftAttorney Pro grants you permission-based access to secure online client accounts that will transform your estate planning practice. Your clients can create accounts, grant you access and then make updates as life changes occur. Client updates will be flagged for you, permitting you to draft and revise wills and trusts 24/7. Click Here to sign-up for your FREE first year of GiftAttorney Pro.

Thousands of wills and trusts will be drafted in the coming year. Charities are using Crescendo's nationwide GiftAttorney database to refer their donors to qualified estate planning attorneys. Sign up today to expand your estate planning practice. Click Here for your FREE GiftAttorney Pro account.

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GiftAttorney Pro is Free for the first year to any estate planning attorney in good standing.

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